Monday, August 18, 2008

Japanese Language

Just now received a phone call from Aji Tei Japanese Restaurant's Japanese Manager. He told me he was trying to send me a Thank you email but failed to deliver it out. Then realized he typed the wrong email address. Maybe my handwriting on the feedback form was not clearly written which I just scribbled my hp no. and email id.

Anyway he was so jovial and friendly over our phone conversation. We just conversed in Japanese language and he priased me for speaking Japanese so fluently. Thanks for your compliments and I am flattered. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak Japanese language here in Singapore with you. I usually speak Japanese language with bestie and my Japanese classmates or any Japanese tourists or residents met. He mistook me and bestie as Japanese girls when he overheard us speaking Japanese fluently at the restaurant and we even ordered our food in Japanese wtih him. He was transferred to Ngee Ann City branch three months ago from Plaza Sing branch. We actually got to know him from Plaza Sing branch.

He told me he was from Tokyo and we just chit chat about our life. Today is his off day so he is sending email and surfing the net, and of course call me up. Wondering he is really calling me up to chit chat or what.....because till now still have not received his thank you email. Maybe he still has problems sending email to me. BTW, my email is Maybe my email id is too long for him.....(lol)

Glad to speak Japanese language today with a native one. Hope he gives discount to us when we dine at Aji Tei the next time.

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