Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy and Relaxing Thursday

Fashionably yours is very happy today because I have a very wonderful and beautiful day. It is sunshine all the way and the weather is so sunny. Loving it. Was working in the morning, clearing some emails at work and did part of my reports which the rest of the reports will be continued another day. Had lunch with my wonderful buddies. After lunch, went for coffee and tea with Lemon-san and Yuan-san. We chatted happily with lots of laughters. It was nice chilling out with the guys. Afterwhich they wanted to go to Takashimaya to shop whereas fashionably yours need to go for my pedicure session, so we parted ways.

Now my company is asking all the staff to clear some of their annual leave by end of March 2009, so everyone of us are busy clearing our own annual leave now. Fashionably yours took the afternoon off and went to indulge in my pedicure session. Love it. Now my sexy toe nails are painted in a shade of light brown call coffee break by Orly nail polish. What a nice name and I like the colour and the name of course. Went home sweet home after my pedicure session. In fact, a very relaxing day. A nice start to the weekend. Lemon-san commented I am leading a tai-tai lifestyle from my activities - Lunch --->tea/coffee-->Pedicure.

Gonna enjoy my weekend because will be very busy at work for the next two months. A lot of works to do and a good thing to be busy at work, in view of the bad economy. I just have such positive attitude :))

Have a nice weekend everyone :))

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