Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lazy Sunday

It is a raining Sunday and the weather is so so so nice and cooling. Loving it. Love this type of nice and cooling weather when I am lazing at home, just doing what I wanna do. It is such a luxury to be enjoying this type of quiet and lazy Sunday. Yes my very own Me-Time, though get disturbances by the boy, my babyface, here and there. It is not that bad though. He is just too cute.

Ate my favourite bar of Ritter Sport Chocolate-ty while
watching the rain drops falling from my window
Nice feeling and loving it
makes me a happy girl

Yes we are now entering March 2009, which means fashionably yours is gonna be so busy for the next two months due to the Financial Year end closing and beginning of new Financial Year. Many reports to do and long long long working hours for me. Was grumbling to babyface about it and he is so good in consoling me, asking me not to think about it....soon May 2009 will be here. OK I know I am gonna be busy for the next two months which is a good thing in view of the bad economy now. Will not think so much about it, just do whatever I can and do my best. My colleagues are gonna be so stressed up by me too for the next two months....they will be avoiding me because it means lots of works for them from fashionably yours. Shoot shoot shoot emails to them.....make them panic and stressed up with tight until they need to take panadol. Yes, that is how serious it will kidding....tough job, not easy to work with me who has an eye for details and so strict with work.
It is still drizzling while fashionably yours is blogging now. Think nice weather to snuggle under the duvet tonight.....nice weather is making me getting more and more lazy....don't feel like getting up once lying down on my bed.
How was your Sunday ? Hope everyone have a beautiful and enjoyable Sunday. Have a nice week ahead.

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