Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fashionably yours got picked up again............

Fashionably yours was at Holland V just now and got picked up again.

He : Do you know where is the nearest ATM ?
Me : Over there (turned around to point to the windmill mall direction).
He : Thanks. How do I address you ?
Me : It's alright
He : I am Alvin. Do you have a handphone no. whereby I can reach you ?
Me : It's alright.

I walked off after that. I think this Alvin must be very disappointed by my reply. Generally I don't give men whom I don't know, my contact no. If they are interested to get to know me, they could give me their contacts and/or name card. I will get in touch with them if I am keen to get to know them.

Anyway fashionably yours is so used to got picked-up by men and oh so many times. They are so interesting with different types of picked-up lines.

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