Saturday, March 14, 2009


Fashionably yours has been very busy recently. So many things to do and time not enough. Was invited to attend a private event today but really very busy that I have to give the event a miss. Alrighty, some updates for my blog and here is rather photo-intensive though.

Since fashionably yours need to clear leave, so I took afternoon leave on Thursday to meet up with Bestie, who was also on leave that day. There are so many SALES on going recently. We went to Isetan Private Sales. I bought my skin care products from Clarins and Fancl. It was not so crowded and doesn't seems like SALES was going on. The quene were not that long. Maybe times are bad that consumers are holding back purchases that even SALES are not that attractive anymore. Perhaps, times are bad now and retailers need to boost sales so they are having more SALES to attract shoppers.

My Clarins and Fancl skin care products
bought from Isetan Private Sales
Fashionably yours had a bill of over SGD200 for beauty products, so entitled to redeem a SGD20 Isetan rebates voucher for next purchase. For every SGD100 spent on beauty products, customers can redeem a 10% rebate Isetan Voucher during the Private sales.

Thereafter met Bestie who was waiting for me at Kinokuniya. She reserved a book so went to collect it and also to enjoy my 20% discount for Kinokuniya Privilege Card member. Again, the quene to the cashier was not that it was a breeze queneing up to pay for the book. Our next destination is Suntec City because we want to go to the IT Show. It was a hot afternoon, so we took a bus to Suntec City. Once we reached Suntec City, we went to the Bodyshop warehouse sales. Wow ! no quene to enter the warehouse and no quene to make payment at the cashier, though quite crowded at the sales.
The Bodyshop Warehouse Sales

My purchases from The Warehouse Sales

FREE gift for customers who spent above SGD50 at the Bodyshop Warehouse sales

My FREE gift - A Mascara

Finally we proceed to the IT show 2009

It was very crowded at the IT Show 2009 though it was just the first day. In fact, the whole Suntec City was very crowded and human jam. I am looking for a mini notebook and bestie is looking for a laser printer. We browsed and collected lots of brochures. After making our rounds, we discussed. I decided not to buy my mini notebook for the time being because I don't want to pay such a high price (about SGD700) for just simple function mini notebook with no built-in DVD drive and the screen is too small for me. The most I would be comfortable with is the 10 inch mini notebook. I still love my current HP Entertainment notebook, tablet pc though the battery life is short and need charging regularly. Well save me some money now. Maybe will consider to buy my mini notebook when the price drops a few month down the road. I like the Acer Aspire One AOD150 and the BenQ mini notebook. However not sure how stable is BenQ mini notebook. My dear weblogders, feel free to share with me your mini notebook experience on Acer and/or BenQ. Many Thanks.
After walking and squeezing with the crowds at the IT show, both of us were so tired and hungry, so time for foodie. We settled for Japanese food at Ichiban Boshi.
My Premium Meal bento set

Our table

Our green tea

Bestie's chocolate ice cream desserts

My tempura ice cream dessert

It was yummy.....loving the food especially the salmon sashimi, which I find is fresh. It was home sweet home after satisfying our stomach. Besides it was late and we need to work the next day, which is Friday the 13th.

On Friday lunch hour, fashionably yours hit the malls again.....more retail therapy. Actually had tea with Lemon-san in the afternoon. Thereafter he was so sweet to accompany me shopping. Went to Isetan to buy my Fancl products using the Isetan rebate voucher, so help me to save some money. Bought the new formula MCO which just launched on Friday the 13th. I like the MCO which I find is very good to cleanse my make up.
Bought my Fancl products
New MCO and Vitamin E
FREE gift - a bag for customers who bought SGD80 nett of Fancl products
My FREE bag
Shop some more in the evening............
What is inside the paper bag ?

These are my purchases from The BodyShop
These items are not available at the warehouse sales
I love the Cherry Blossom body lotion and shower gel

FREE gifts for customers who spent SGD100 nett
This free gift is worth about SGD80 if I remember correctly

My FREE gifts

Fashionably yours also redeemed my points for Clarins products
Clarins Lip Gloss

Gifts from bestie, who bought it from her last overseas trip from Shanghai and Korea
Thanks Bestie
The Shopaholic in me shops happily at the malls. The retailers told me they need customers like me. Oops...confessions of a shopaholic here. I am a happy girl and happy with my purchases because there are so many free gifts wtih my purchases.....I love free gifts. Fashionably yours also dropped by Kinokuniya to buy Reader's Digest using my card to enjoy the 20% discounts.
I am going to read my reader's digest which is a very informative magazine. Considering to subscribe it.
My Reader's Digest
Wishing everyone a nice and wonderful weekend. Good night for now and sweet dreams.

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