Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am Mrs Lee

Fashionably yours was taking a short nap during lunch time in the office just now.

Suddenly my cell phone ring, so here goes the interesting conversation :
Me : Hello
A : Can I speak to Mrs Lee ?
Me : There is no Mrs Lee here. What number did you dial ?
Me : Yes, this is the correct number but there is no Mrs Lee here. Where are you calling from ?
A : I am calling from Hanabi, a Japanese restaurant in Bukit Timah. A customer left this cell number for me to call back.
Me : Oh, maybe the customer has written wrongly
A : Maybe, sorry about it.
Me : Bye

When did I become Mrs Lee ? This phone call has disturbed my nap. Anyway fashionably yours continue to nap after the phone call.....One moment fashionably yours was napping, then Mrs Lee thingy phone call, then continue to nap again. Now I feel fresh after my short nap and back to work.

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