Monday, November 10, 2008

My Luxury Monday Afternoon

It is you have the Monday Blues ?

Well, it is a rainy Monday too. The weather is so nice and cooling to snuggle under the duvet. Such a waste if fashionably yours were to spend it at work in this nice and cooling weather. Therefore, Fashionably yours took the afternoon off today . This morning, fashionably yours stepped into the office to pass some instructions to my lovely colleagues to get the things done, so that fashionably yours can continue my portion tomorrow morning. Hopefully they get it done for me and give me the nos by this evening. I know it is not portion is even tougher and very challenging. What else, all of us are seeing nos and nos....and big nos....up to billions.

From my window, fashionably yours can see it is still raining outside now. Pitter, patter, pitter patter, listen to the rhythm of the falling rain....A nice cup of hot tea held in my hand while fashionably yours slowly sip my hot afternoon tea, nice music playing from the radio and my burning aromatherapy essential oil exude in the air....Wow ! a great way to pass fashionably yours afternoon, while most of you are working hard in the office and especially my colleagues are cracking their brains to work out the millions and billions nos. for fashionably yours.

Fashionably yours is going for a short nap, my beauty sleep in this cooling weather soon.....such a luxury. Need to recharge and I can forsee from tomorrow onwards, it will be tough for fashionably yours at work because I have to handle my billion dollar projects. Of course, not forgetting life beyond work.......will relax in between so that my mind can think better and more productive and more efficient.

Have a nice week ahead everyone.

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