Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Coffee at Spinelli

Chilled out at Spinelli at The Heeren during lunch time with Lemon-san and Keat-san just now. We chatted lots of things under the sun. It was lovely chilling out with them. I had the black coffee, while Lemon-san and Keat-san had the ice latte spin.

At Spinelli

Our table with our drinks.
We read TODAY newspaper and chit chat while we chilled out and people-watch
RELAX. Life is definitely beyond work.
Must relax & chill out during lunch time.
Fashionably Yours with my black coffee.
Cheers :)

Fountain at The Heeren

It was a very busy day for fashionably yours at work today. At this hour, I am still in the office working hard because it is fashionably yours peak period and it is the year-end. Fashionably yours have to do the billion dollars budgeting and costing for my whole group. Nothing can escape fashionably yours x-ray eyes. It is gonna be a challenging one but it will reflect my challenger spirit. Fashionably yours do feel a sense of satisfaction now and then. Life should not be just mundane but challenging.
Fashionably yours motto is I work hard, I play hard and I party hard.
Time for me to knock off soon and have a Carlsberg soon. Fashionably yours cannot resist a good beer. Cheers :)
On a side note, I am looking forward to my long vacation after the budgeting and costing are done at work. Before the nice and long vacation, it is hard work at work before enjoyment comes......I am crossing my finger that my Mr Big will be able to fulfill what he told me the other time. Looking forward to our vacation together and hoping for the best. (I think only bestie know what I am talking about....shall keep the rest of you in suspense. Will blog about it if my Mr Big fulfill it).

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