Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Night - Girls night out on the town

Last Friday evening after work, met up with bestie at Isetan Scotts. She has some allergic issue with Estee Lauder's Idealist Skin Refiner, so want to exchange for other Estee Lauder's products. After using the Idealist Skin Refiner, her skin on her face become rough and patchy. Luckily Estee Lauder allowed her to exchange for some other products. After we chose the products, some of the items are out of stock, so again need to go back one more time when the items become available.

Actually she exchanges for some cosmetics, such as lipstick, lipliner, eyebrow pencil and a lip gloss. The lipliner which we chose were both out of stocks. Initially the sales girl did not inform us and just replaced it with another colour which is not our choice. Luckily I helped bestie to check and ensure what we are gonna exchange for are what we want. Thus we spotted that the salesgirl replaced our chosen lipliner colour to another colour and did not inform us. Immediately we informed the salesgirl that it was the wrong lipliner colour. Then she informed us that the colour we wanted was out of stock. OK fine, but at least she must have the courtesy to inform us and not just trying to replace it with another colour. We find that this is not ethical. The moral of the story is always do a quality checking of your items before you make payment. Now the sales personnel allowed us to reserve the items and once the selected colour of the lipliner is in, she will call bestie and she will go down to collect it. One thing we heard many times were the salesgirl keep telling us My colleague will attend to you but seems like they are not so keen to serve us because we were just exchanging stuffy and she is more keen to serve new customers. We were there for about an hour.

Next we proceeded to Origins counter to see if there is any remedy to rescue bestie's face. The Origins salesgirl keep promoting bestie to try out their calming mask.....then we told her we will consider first. On our way for our dinner, we dropped by The Body Shop to look for my friend to seek her opinion on bestie's face condition. My friend advised bestie to let her face rest and subsided first since it is due to some allergic ingredients in the Idealist Skn Refiner. She should just use her normal beauty products now. Should not add on anymore products on her face. At first, bestie wants to purchase some aloe vera gel to calm her face of the roughness and patchiness......luckily met my friend to tell her to save her money since her face is just some allergic reactions to the ingredients.....let it cool down first. Anyway bestie bought some oil blotters. So far so good for me when I use the Estee Lauder Skiner Refiner. Guess different people react differently to the products' ingredients. Then we proceeded to our favourite restaurant for fine dining - Royal Coppenhagen at Takashimaya.

We love to patronise Royal Coppenhagen Tea Lounge.....we are regulars there and the staff know us. Luckily the place was not so crowded when we reached there. The food there never failed us and it is always fresh. We had the Appe-teaser of the day which is the smoke fish. I had the Stuff chicken breast with forest mushroom rosemary bisque sauce as my main dish while bestie had the chicken sasauge with mashed pototoes as her main dish. Followed by dessert and a cup of tea.

Though some unpleasantries at the Estee Lauder counter initially, it was ok after we had our yummy dinner. At least we had good food, good company and fine dining ambience. We love the place and the staff are nice to us.

Do you like my new hairstyle - 2 pleats tied by my colleague Sally-san. Thanks Sally-san

Let's eat
Click here for the yummy foodie.

We also dropped by Borders on our way home. Shared lots of fun and laughters at the Borders. All in all, we had a lovely girls nights out on the town. Afterall it was Halloween night and we had such a Halloween experience at the Estee Lauder counter ! How was your Halloween night ? Hope it was fun and feel free to share with me.

On a side note, saw lots of people dressed up in costume celebrating Halloween night along Orchard Road. Also saw a guy dressed in an angel costume at my place last Friday night on my way home. He was boarding a cab heading to clubbing. OMG ! FM 90.5 is now playing Desert Moon by Denis De Young on the radio. It is one of my favourite song........Good night everyone and have a nice week ahead.....I will be so stressful this coming month dealing with the million dollars costing and budgeting project. It is gonna be a challenging one this time round. I know I can do it with the Lord's blessings. Amen.

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