Friday, November 14, 2008

Meme Meme Meme

Got this from Angela........just for fun of it.

You are grocery shopping for 6 items.
1. Produce: Carrots
2. Bakery: Raisin Buns
3. Meat: Chicken wings
4. Frozen: Garlic Bread
5. Dry goods: Cranberries
6. Dairy: Chocolate milk

You are on weekend getaway with only 3 articles of clothing allowed.
1. Bikini
2. T-shirts
3. Shorts

You are being eavesdropped on through the day for 5 key phrases or words you use.
1. Is it ?
2. Oh I see
3. Are you sure ?
4. Yeah
5. Ok

What 3 things must you do every day?
1. Sleep
2. Surf (the internet)
3. Eat

You have a whole afternoon all to yourself. What 5 activities might you be doing?
1. Read a good novel or magazine
2. Massage
3. Pedicure session
4. Take afternoon nap
5. Shopping

You’re on a quick visit to the Zoo and can only catch 3 exhibits.
1. Penguin
2. Bear
3. Giraffe

You scored tickets to 4 live TV show recordings of your choice.
1. Jamie Oliver
2. PCK Pte Ltd
3. Comedy Night
4. Under one roof

You can choose 3 scoops of ice-cream.
1. Green apple
2. Mint
3. Chocolate Chip

You need to name 5 things in your lost wallet to reclaim it.
1. POSBank Cash online card
2. Books Kinokuniya discount card
3. Identification card
4. Parkway Shenton Card
5. Carrefour lucky draw card

You are at a job fair choosing 4 dream jobs.
1. Fashion magazine editor
2. Writer
3. Public Relatons Manager
4. News anochorwoman

You’ve got a chance to tell your old high school self 4 bits of advice.
1. Go home after school immediately instead of hanging out at fast food restaurants
2. Don't go clubbing every weekend without fail
3. Spend more time studying instead of watching TV shows
4. Don't be so playful and so punky, behave yourself in school and be a good student

Tag everyone to try it is fun. Have a nice weekend :)

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