Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coffee at Centrepoint Mall

It is raining cats and dogs outside now, but I am sitting comfortably in my office doing my work. In fact I enjoy watching the rain drops outside from my window sometimes. I also like to listen to the rhythm of the falling rain, pitter patter, pitter patter.

Just now, went for a cup of coffee with Lemon-san at Centrepoint Mall, after we are done with our meals. As usual, we chat anything under the sun and enjoy each other company. Next, we went to Self Fix hardware shop because he needs to buy something.

Lemon-san bought this

Alrighty, break time over for fashionably yours and time to get back to work. In fact, Lemon-san just came over to my desk to talk to me while fashionably yours is blogging now :) See we are inseparable ! We are always together at work. He cannot be away from fashionably yours for too long :) Fashionably yours know that he will miss me !

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