Sunday, November 2, 2008

Enjoying the Simple Things

It is November 2008, first Sunday of November 2008. How time flies and another 60 days or so, we are approaching 2009. Well well well, maybe it is time to do some reflections and review your current year resolutions. There is still some time to catch up on your not yet fulfilled resolutions....otherwise can always carry forward the current year resolutions to the next. Anyway, fashionably yours don't make anymore new year resolutions......because I don't seem to stick with it. I only have current month and daily resolutions, which I always seem to get it done.

Alrighty, it is the weekend, so fashionably yours relax and chill out at home on Saturday. These are the yummy stuffy fashionably yours ate :

Korean Graspes - Hwaseong Grape
Very cruncy and sweet, which I just popped it into my mouth after removing the skin
Loving it

Salsa Sauce

Tortilla chips from Marks and Spencer
which I dipped it with the salsa sauce

Drank my favourite Waitrose Darjeeling Tea
bought from The Market Place at The Paragon, my favourite supermarket

Enjoying the simple life by eating and drinking fashionably yours favourite food.
Have a beautiful Sunday everyone.......take afternoon nap or leisure walk by the park......It is Sunday, remember to enjoy the simple things in life after a stressful week at work. It is time to recharge before back to the rats race on the week ahead.
Cheers :)

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