Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Give Thanks

I want to share my testimonial here with fellow sisters and brothers.

Just now I was doing some work in the office and need to do some mapping, which will take me quite some time. It is no easy task because it is something new to me. Furthermore it was near to lunch hour, which means my stomach was calling too. Just then, my colleague, Jimmy came to my desk to pass me something. He is the expert in this mapping and I seek his help. Within 5 minutes, it was completed.

Another incident was fashionably yours is feeling tired today because I don't have sufficient sleep. I wanted to read the free TODAY and My Paper newspaper but my colleague Martin who is another angel who is so nice to take the free newspaper for me everyday, was not in office today, so I don't have newspaper to read. I approached another colleauge, TS to lend me his copy to read in the morning. It happens that he has an extra copy of My Paper but he does not have the extra copy of the TODAY paper. However he gave both to me to read and said he will go and collect the afternoon edition of TODAY newspaper during lunch time. Halleluja.....The Lord knows that fashionably yours is feeling tired today and let me rest at office. Thus fashionably yours was able to take short nap without having to walk to the MRT station to collect the afternoon edition of TODAY paper.

Hallelujah, I want to thank God for sending Jimmy and TS, my colleagues who are, like an angel to help me. God is helping me through Jimmy and TS. Prasie the Lord ! Thank you Jesus and I love you Jesus. God is good all the time. God knows what is best for us....we can plan but it is the Lord's will which will prevail. To man, it is impossible but, To God all things are possible. Have faith in God. Trust the Lord and He will Act. Amen.

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