Monday, November 24, 2008

Leisure Monday Afternoon

Worked on Monday morning to clear my work in the office. Then had lovely lunch together with my wonderful buddies. Thereafter had a leisure Monday afternoon off. So I had tea with Lemon-san at the Paragon, chatted anything under the sun happily. We window-shopped around the mall, dropped by Gucci and Mondial. Love the diamonds at Mondial. However, I still like the Hellmuth Oscar Croco necklace.

Dropped by Kinokuniya bookstore to buy Simply Her magazine - Dec 2008 issue. It comes with a FREE RED gift box and three beautiful wrappers. The FREE RED gift box is exclusively at Kinokuniya only.

I also dropped by Borders on my way home. Well, picked up 4 books.....don't know why fashionably yours love buying books nowadays. Maybe it is my reading season.
Actually want to look for my friends at Holland V and chill out together for a drink in the evening. Somehow fashionably yours feel so tired, nausea and heartburn, so decided to head home to rest. Will go meet my friends another day at Holland V. Reached home, burn my essential oil and slept for a solid 2 hours. I don't have good appetite and still feeling nausea now, while fashionably yours is blogging. I also don't know how.......maybe will tell my big about it.

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