Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Need a good short break

Fashionably yours have the following symptoms since last evening :
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue/Tiredness
  • Cramp in my stomach
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Heartburn

Still not feeling good this morning and have very bad cramp that I have diffiuclty walking. Thus throw in the towel and decided to visit the company doctor. It is diagnosed that I have gastritis and a senstive stomach which is so acidic inside. I have a history of acid reflux (GERD) too. Luckily this time seems mild. Prescribed with some medications and told to rest at home.

I need to rest and relax and not to stress myself. Guess I have been too stressed up at work the past few weeks. This is the effect of how my body is reacting after the past few stressful weeks. OK, I need to relax myself now. I have been working way too hard in the office, clocking long hours. The doctors also gave me some lozenges since my throat is not that good after speaking so much in the office. I always need to talk alot in my line of work, giving advice and answering queries.

Looking out of my window now, the sky seems to turn dark and very windy. Perhaps God is telling me not to work so hard, take some time out to rest my body system. Yes I will. I will rest today. However, fashionably yours is still clearing office emails and sending emails from home. Seems like I am working from home than resting at home.....urgh ! Too many things to do at work, cannot finish......OMG ! I am sounding like my big..........I am at home but my heart is at work.......I am turning workaholic. I think I cannot survive without technology - Mobile Phone and Internet.

Going for my lunchy, then zzzzzz......while the rest of you are working hard in the office. I really need a good short break now before I go battle again tomorrow at work.

On a side note, I find my big's job is more stressful than mine, and he is handling his stress very well. He never raise his voice at me when he is under stress, always talk so sweet to me. I also never raised my voice at him, except grumbling to him about my job. He did too at times....haha....at least he knows I am his listening ear and I still exist (self consolation - haha). I did complain to him before about his job is keeping him away from me, though I am proud of his career. Now I am accepting it slowly. Guess I grow and learn along the way. I am proud to be the woman behind my high flyer man.

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