Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lunch - Ayam Penyet

Went to eat Ayam Penyet for lunch with L-san, JJ-san and B-san just now.  It was not crowded and we got our seats immediately when we reached the restaurant at Lucky Plaza.

JJ-san and my ayam penyet

L-san satay sauce chicken

B-san nasi goreng (fried rice)
Our table
The sambal chilli is yummy which L-san and B-san like. JJ-san and I cannot take spicy stuff so we skipped the chilli.  Drinks we ordered are avocado for B-san, Lemon Squash for JJ-san, Joy Tea blackcurrant for L-san and Joy Tea apple for fashionably yours.  Yummy.  All of us ate till so full. 

The address :
Resto Surabaya
Lucky Plaza


Eva said...

Wa lao! I miss these food man!

Classiclicious said...

Yummilicious :))