Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chinese New Year Office Deco

In the 2nd week of January 2011, L-san, S-san and I went to Chinatown to buy CNY deco for the office. We are in charge of the CNY deco at work. It was fun going to Chinatown for CNY deco shopppings. Afterall fashionably yours love shoppings. One can feel the spirit of CNY when you are at Chinatown.

That day, we took NEL train to Chinatown to have our lunch followed by CNY deco shoppings.

We had the famous yong tau fu that day. In fact, we went twice to Chinatown for our CNY deco shoppings on that week. 2nd trip there fashionably yours had the fried kway teow while L-san had the fried prawn noodles. On our 2nd trip there, S-san didn't follow us, instead JJ-san came with us.

We bought our CNY deco at the Hong Lim Complex and People's Park Market. It was so fun.

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