Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bad Haze

The haze is back to the Lion City. The wind direction has blown the smoke from Indonesia to here.  The farmers are burning their old harvests to create natural fertilizer in order to do new planting.  This haze is affecting fashionably yours.  Last Thursday and Friday, the PSI was above 100.  I was breathless and coughing like mad as I walked along Orchard Road last Friday evening on my way home from work.  I need oxygen tank *LOL*

As a result I fell ill with a very red tonsils from the coughing and nose was blocked.  Seen my company doctor on Monday but the medicines are cheapo and doesn't seem to work.  I did myself a favour today by paying my own money to consult my own family doctor and prescribed me with antibiotics and cough mixtures.  So far, I felt much better after taking 3 antibiotics.  My company doctor only said my tonsils are red but never give me anything for it.  Just gave me lozenges, panadol and cough tablets.  Some other ex company doctor told me they are not allowed to go beyond a certain budget.  They wanted to give you better medicines but are wonder these ex company doctors told me they opted out of the system once the contract ended. 

No wonder when my colleagues and I fell ill, we don't seem to get well so fast, always must go back a few times.  I would rather spend abit more for good medicines coupled with good rest to recover speedily.  Will drink more h20 and rest well to have speedy recovery :)

Haze at Orchard Road when PSI was above 100

So hazy
Did you notice the Christmas deco are up
(work-in-progress though) along Orchard Road?

Now the PSI is about 20. I hope it stays this way or go down further.  I love my clean air and it aids my recovery.

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