Monday, February 9, 2009

Lunch at McDonald

Today Lemon-san dated me to eat McDonald McValue Lunch meal. We ate the fillet o fish meal. Fashionably yours topped up SGD0.60 to drink the cuppacino. I am so sleepy today so need my cuppacino feed. As usual, we chatted alot at McCafe happily. Only the 2 of romantic....just kidding !

Our McValue Meal
Cheap and Good
Only from 12.01 pm to 2pm weekdays only
My cuppacino....yummy

I think McDonald can appoint fashionably yours as their ambassasdor since I blog about it here. Any Manager from McDonald, if you are reading this, please do consider to appoint me as your ambassador, if your are looking for one, and I will blog more about it.

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