Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pre Nuptials Agreement

Last Friday night I was chatting with my American friend. He brought up the topic of Pre Nuptials Agreement (Preups). He said he will not get married unless a Preups is done. Well it was reported in the Sunday Times today about signing Preups.

A Preups is basically a contractual agreement signed before the marriage takes place. It will state terms such as the assets acquired before marriage is not liable to be shared equally with the spouse in case a divorce took place. The couples are only liable to the assets acquired together during the marriage. It can also state other terms and conditions accordingly to what the couples want it to be in the Preups. It is very common in Europe and America. This can avoid quarrels during divorce in the event the marriage broke down. It is also proof that one get married out of love and not money or assets one is after.

Fashionably yours is ok with getting a Preups done before marriage. Will you get a Preups done before marriage, given a choice ? Feel free to give your take on hard feelings. Thanks :)

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