Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

TGIF....Hurray it is Friday....well it is Friday the 13th....hahahaha....Normally people's face change whenever one mentioned Friday the 13th, for fear something bad will happen. Some people are so scared that they can take leave to stay at home whole day....are you one of those ?
Anyway I hope nothing bad happened to anyone of you on Friday the 13th.

Fashionably yours is in a very happy and relax mood today since the weekend is here. Everyone in the office today is also in a very relax stress and no pressure at work. Everybody is feeling good, laughing and joking in the office.

During lunch time, Yuan-san and I went to buy 8-days magazine at the Newstand at Centrepoint. They were having some promotion whereby when customers buy 8-days or I-weekly will get a free gift from L'oreal worth SGD15.00.

My 8-days magazine
My free gift worth SGD15 from L'oreal

After I had paid for my 8-days magazine, somebody asked me if I can read Chinese. I replied yes I can. This auntie is so sweet, she told me she only wants the free gift for her son. She is giving me I-weekly to read.
My FREE copy of I-weekly, given to me by the kind soul.
After we were done with our goodie bags and magazines, Yuan-san and I shopped at John Little. John Little and Robinson Group of companies are absorbing the 7% GST over the weekends, from Friday to Sunday.
I bought my favourite lollipop - Chupa Chups from John Little
Assorted flavour of chupa chups

Also had afternoon tea with my wonderful colleagues just now. We were all simply very relax, chit-chat and laughed alot. Loving it with nice company. All in all, a very happy and lucky Friday the 13th for fashionably yours.
Have a nice weekend everyone.
P.S. Passed by Heeren just now and saw some flower sellers selling 3 stalks of roses for SGD25. OMG ! it is so expensive to pay for 3 stalks of roses at SGD25 that will wither within 3 days. I wouldn't want it. No thanks. It is not necessary to splurge on such unnecessary things, just because it is Valentine's day. I would rather my man donate that sum of money to charity. However I do feel good to receive flowers on my birthday though:)) I think the flowers will be back to normal price on my birthday....Luckily my birthday does not coincide with Valentine's Day.

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