Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day and I am sure most of you had a good time with your Valentine(s). Most of the the guys out there must have digged a deep hole in their wallets for paying on overpriced flowers, strangers bumping elbows with strangers at restuarants for overpriced food. Actually it is not necessary to splurge on all these overpriced items especially now the economy is so bad. The worst is yet to come, so better spend wisely. It pains my heart to see my man's hard earn cash paid for all these overpriced items, though he has no problem paying for it. The economy is bad now, so we keep low profile even we can afford to splurge. Be empathy.

I feel everyday should be Valentine's day and not only to express your love to your significant other on this Valentine's day. When I was a teenager, I have lots of expectations on this day itself, getting excited on how to celebrate it. However as I grow older and wiser, I just find it too commercialised and kind of show off by couples to declare their love to each other. It is so meaningless. As long as two people know they are in love and truly care for each other deep down in their heart, I think it is good enough.

The restaurants owners and florists are the one laughing their way to the bank now. I wouldn't want my man to pay for the overpriced flowers and food because we know we can always pay normal price on other days and get excellent services. Well, he is on overeseas business trip, so save our money....earning money is more important now than spending it...I support his job though it is keeping him away from me....not easy being the woman behind the successful man with a recession-proof professional. I am used to it anyway:)) I told him the other day that he has a recession-proof job, so I must stick to him closely and hold to him tightly.

Fashionably yours had alot of fun today eating and eating......
Yummy carrot cake bought especially for me by my favourite auntie. Thanks auntie.Ate Ritter Sport Chocolate

Drank Hooch blackcurrant beer
Had strawberry in a nice heart-shaped packing
(Another commercialised item)

Ate my salad

Ate my favourite fruit salad

Wishing everyone a very Happy and memorable Valentine's Day, though it is just a normal day for fashionably yours.
Have a nice weekend too everyone.


wincent said...

The Arts and Entertainment Singapore has to offer to tourists is quite aplenty. Don't understand why others always put singapore down. Interesting post nonetheless. Keep them coming...

Classiclicious said...

Thanks Wincent for dropping a note here. See you around and have a nice day :))