Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My sushi dinner from The Market Place

Was supposed to meet up with Mr BK for dinner tonight but he got stuck at work.

Below is our interesting messages :

Me : Hey, are you meeting me for dinner tonight, as you told me last week.
BK : Nope, sorry I forgot.....I am hopeless
After a while, he messaged me again.....
BK : The truth is I am stuck at work
Me : It's ok. We can arrange dinner another time. You better get on with your work and don't be the last to leave the office.
BK : Thanks I guess I owe you.
Me : OK since you said it.
BK : So do I have to kiss your feet now ?
Me : I think you are missing my feet. Tonight you can kiss your work. Hahahaha...
BK : hahaha.....

Fashionably yours is not angry with Mr BK even though he cannot have dinner with me tonight due to his work. In fact, I am glad that he has a job that keeps him very very busy. Another high flyer in the industry. Since now times are bad, it is thankful that one has a busy job. BK's job is not easy, lots of brainwork and I would say he is a genius :) I respect his job. That's all I am saying, not revealing his professional here. He is sweet to me so far and I find him always worrying that his actions will make me angry..... He is careful with his words with me. He really makes me laugh.

Anyway work come first, our dinner can wait...I am not that demanding. He has been telling me that he is looking forward to our dinner tonight and he even ask for fashionably yours food choice. I believe he will really make it up to me someday. Will update you guys here, so stay tuned.

Anyway, fashionably yours had sushi and miso soup from The Market Place for dinner tonight. full now.

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