Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Working life

Today kicked start a project at work. Get the ball rolling and arrowed a few key personnel. I can see they are taking actions at their end after I arrowed them. They are feeling stressful given the tight deadline I gave them. They negotiated with me to extend the deadline. Of course I am negotiable. However I cannot extend too long for them because alot of planning and work is involved at my end. Have another tough and major project coming soon next month. That one can make my people headache. I have forewarned some of my people that next month fashionably yours is gonna kick start that too, so be prepared for it. many projects in the pipeline.....Thank God I still have a job during this economy crisis and is making me so so so busy that I don't have enough sleep.

Yes, major projects are tough, but glad I have wonderful people in my team to work with. Have our fun at work with laughters and we will pull through the projects successfully. They are in safe hands because I am handling it. They knew I maybe tough with them and is stressful for them to see and hear my name, because it means work. Some even try to avoid me when they cannot submit their reports to me on time. My people are so funny. However, nothing can escape fashionably yours' X-ray eyes. I can easily spot their mistakes and ask them to re-submit their reports.

So much so about work. Of course besides work, fashionably yours had my lunch time retail therapy together with my wonderful buddies. We bought lots of biscuits and chocolates at Marks and Spencer because it is on offer. We also had enjoyable lunch together with lots of laughters. Feel blessed to have my group of wonderful buddies, who never fail to bring cheers to my days.

Fashionably yours is tired now after my long day. Need my beauty sleep now. Another long and fun day tomorrow. Good night everyone and sweet dreams :)

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Billy Chua said...

Projects!!! I very sensitive to the word now... ha...