Thursday, February 5, 2009

Enjoyable lunch + office crisis

Today had an enjoyable lunch at McDonald with my wonderful buddies. We ate the SGD4.50 McValue lunch. Alot of funny things happened during our this lunch. First I went to the wrong counter to buy our meal. They nominated me to buy the food so I asked Lemon-san which counter to queue. He pointed me to the other counter, so off I went to the other counter to quene up. We wanted to change the soft drinks to cuppacino so we topped up SGD0.60 each. After I bought the food, Yuan-san then saw me quene up at the wrong counter, because we wanted our cuppacino to be served in those porcelin cup, so should quene up at the McCafe counter. The normal counter will serve cuppacino in those plastic cups which we do not want. Anyway the staff changed it to Porcelin cups for us. So you see, my wonderful buddies did not give me proper instructions when I asked them which counter to quene. Yuan-san said he forgot to tell me to quene up at the McCafe counter. Secondly, did not ordered french fries without salt for Seng-san because he also forgot to tell me. Luckily we have another group of colleagues coming to lunch with us, so they can order french fries without salt and swop with us. Thirdly, I order wrongly for Lemon-san, he wants to eat fillet o fish but I ordered chicken burger for him. In the end, Lemon-san also ate the chicken burger. So many funny things happened and we laughed and laughed. We are always like this, surely have something funny to laugh about. Yesterday lunch also funny things happened, I ordered Pig Stomach soup with pork ribs, but the soup does not have pig stomach meat. I returned the soup to the stall and they change it to other soup for me. Another funny thing was I requested Seng-san bought to buy fruits for me. I told him I want to eat 2 pieces of papaya and 1 piece of water melon. Ended up, the stall helper forgot to give me watermelon. We laughed again over these.

Presenting our McValue Lunch

After our lunch, Lemon-san and I went to HMV to browse CDs. The rest sat and chat at the McCafe followed by shopping at Marks and Spencers for more offer biscuits. All in all an enjoyable lunch with my wonderful buddies.

It was a good day all along today till some work crisis happened in the evening. Some culprit deleted my important folder in my server. I panic, screamed and jumped. Then quickly seek help. Told my people that they cannot go home till they restore my data in my server. They troubleshoot and luckily found my data and restored in my server. That folder contains very important database because it contains important information for my ISO audits. We have cleaned up the security level for my server access and dedicated it to only a few authorised personnels. What a way to end my working day.....Thank God, my data are restored. Was feeling very moody and angry initially but feel better after my important data are restored. At first wanted to investigate who is the culprit but on 2nd thoughts decided not to since my data are restored. Better channel our resources to more productive and efficent usage.

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