Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love or Money ?

In a relationship, as a woman will you fall in love with a man because :
1) both of you are in love with each other but he is not financially stable or
2) will you love a man because he is financially stable

Fashionably yours feel that we cannot survive on love alone. Definitely need money to survive in our society. Guess financially stable is part of the love package. Most men have their ego. They would want to provide for their women such as buying nice Valentine's gifts for their women, dinner and so on....Sometimes I ever heard women comparing notes with their girlfriends such as "Oh my hubby bought me this, this and that for me." After their comparing notes session is over, they might go home to feedback to their hubby "Oh so and so hubby bought this and that for her, how come you did not buy for me ?" Sometimes it is not the hubby did not buy for them, but is just they have different financial statements.

Now the economy is bad and so many people are losing jobs and facing some financial problems, especially those with commitments, such as children's education, housing loans and car loans.....All these in terms might cause quarrels among couples dealing with the money issues now. The couples would need to priorities their commitments and recession-proof their relationships. Often I see couples and families quarrel over money issues and caused many unhappiness.

I don't think I will fall in love with a man who is not financially stable. I am a very pratical person....financially stable is part of the love package for me. Of course personality is also an important issue. If he is financially stable but no personality, then sorry it is a no go......I believe love can be cultivated. If the man I love is not financially stable, how can he afford to support my lifestyles. I am better off myself than to open a can of worms and take on additional problems.

Thank God, so far the men I fell in love with are financially stable and high flyers....I know what I want and what Iam looking for in a man.

What is your take ? Feel free to share your view, no hard feelings:) Cheers :))

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