Friday, January 16, 2009

Throat infections

Fashionably yours has throat infections after I swallowed some mini fish bones and/or rice husks last week. They are still inside my throat....on and off feel uncomfortable. Also caught the flu viruses from my colleagues at work. So many people in my office are falling ill, one after another. I must have caught the flu viruses from Yuan-san & Seng-san because the other day we shared the same soup and same spoon at Fish & Co. Actually I am alright and have been strong the last few days until my throat infections. Prescribed some anti-biotics by the company doctor this morning for my throat infections. Hope it will heal my throat and hope the mini fishbone and rice husk quickly make their way down from my throat......otherwise I may need to see my company doctor for further examination. Praying very hard to God to heal my throat.

My medicine

Am feeling so tired and have a headache now. I also have been working very hard the last few weeks, staring at the monitor for about 8 hours every day. So many projects in the pipelines for me....bad recession ? I don't think so, I have so many projects to do and it is all major projects. Seems like I am being involved in lots of projects this year, even small projects also invovled abit here and there. Work stress is building up. For now, I need to rest, sleep alot and drink lots of fluid. I am yearning for a can of beer. I cannot eat chocolates now. Sob Sob......
God I pray that I just want my throat to recover soonest possible and I will be a very happy girl. Amen.
Have a nice weekend everyone.

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