Saturday, January 3, 2009

Random thoughts on 1st Saturday of 2009

Nowadays when I read the newspaper, I often see the word Recession is printed everywhere. Keep seeing it almost everyday now. I think the worst is ahead...cut cost, cut jobs and everything cut here and there in view of the global bad economy crisis. So many big company CEOs are leaving and resigning. Yesterday heard about M1 CEO Neil Monefiore is leaving to persue personal interest after 12 years in the Telco industry. Well guess people like me in the Telco Industry will always hear news ealier than the press.....thanks to our networking circle. It is now in the news today. Well, times are bad so need to cut cost here and there. Need to SAVE SAVE SAVE money and don't anyhow spend. However fashionably yours is so used to her lifestyle, so I will need to calclulate my sums carefully, do trade off, spend wisely and splurge not so frequently. I still need to enjoy my lifestyle, my fine dine and wine :)

Since organisation re-org last year, fashionably yours belongs to part of the Top Management. I expect myself to work harder and set higher expectations of myself at work. Anyway I am very serious and professional at work. I can be so focused at work that I can scream and scold colleagues if they slack and/or submit sloppy work to me with errors. Now I think they know I am not one to meddle with in terms of work. I mean business where work is concern and expect 100% accuracy. I have an eye for details and able to pinpoint errors pretty fast.:) OMG ! I am turning workaholic, the female equivalent of big......but I still am coping it well because I work smart and hard. Reap what you sow. I am happy with my work and enjoying it though at times some naughty fellows make me so mad that I have to tell them off. The other day, someone in my office was telling me they must watch what they speak to me now that my status I so scary ? I am still me, don't worry just speak your mind. I am professional.

Reminds me of one incident. Last year was so busy doing my budgetting and required my colleagues to submit their input to me. They can come to tell me that it is weekend and holiday mood, can they submit later. Of course, I scolded them that I don't care if it was holiday or weekend, I need their submission in order to meet the tight deadline. Guess what ! they submitted their input to me nicely by end of the day. Now they know they better do their part and no negotiating with me. I work on them through the wee hours and burnt the weekends. Eventually mission completed and feel a sense of accomplishments. It was tough but feel good because get the job done on time accurately.

Where business is concern, I am strict, serious and professional. However where leisure is concern, I can be crazy and fun to chill out with.

I work hard, I play hard, I appreciate the finer things in life and enjoying the simple things in life.

Let's ride through 2009 together, no matter how bad or worst the economy can be. Cheers :)

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