Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Enjoyable pedicure session

Indulged in my pedicure session this evening after fashionably yours knocked off work. I had my toe nails painted in a shade of OPI bright red. It can bring out the Chinese New Year atmosphere in me. OMG ! in about 2 weeks time is Chinese New Year and a long weekend.

From my understading most hair salon and pedicure salon are gonna increase their prices next week in view of CNY. They will have surcharges. Thus fashionably yours got my pedicure session done today. For my hairstyle, it was done the last week of 2008. I am ready for CNY celebrations. All done before their surcharges. I will try to avoid paying surcharges if I can help it.

Last Monday evening I went to Takashimaya Basement 2 to buy some CNY goodies. It was not so crowded and such a breeze to shop. I like shoppings on Monday because it is off-peak and most people are working. Usually I don't advise people to go shoppings over the weekends because human jam and traffic jam. Don't waste time to form long quenes at cashiers and fitting rooms. Only shop on weekends if the items wanna buy is only offered on that day itself. Weekends can be put to better use than shoppings. I usually do my shoppings during lunch time and weekdays. Shopping during off-peak is good because the shops are not so crowded compared to the weekends and the sales staff are more attentive to customers.

Alrighty, time for me to get some beauty sleep now. Good night and sweet dreams.

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