Friday, January 2, 2009


Today is my 1st day back to work at the blur blur and need to orientate myself. My email box is full and closed. In other words, fashionably yours cannot send and receive emails until I cleared my emails. I spent the whole morning clearing my emails at work. There are tons of work waiting for me to do. Initially I did not know where to begin, so I pick up where I left off. Of course, I grumbled to my big just now. He knew it and must be laughing at me from the big apple. Compared to him, mine is small case. I told him, his job is I am safe to stay with him forever. (lol). His stress level is also high though.

Oh yes, lots of Christmas presents from my colleagues on my desk greeted me this morning. Thanks, I am so loved by my nice colleagues.

Anyway I am also glad to be back to my office, because I can have fun together with my wonderful buddies. Since so long we did not see each other, we have lots to yak to each other, so we went for drinks after we had our lunch meal.

Our drinks
I sat at the centre, left and right are my work spouses (big and small)
I am a happy woman

Lamp taken by Yuan-san

Besides clearing my works, emails, catching up with my wonderful colleagues and buddies, opening the Chrismas presents and grumbled to big, fashionably yours had retail therapy. OMG ! I miss shoppings......even the sales staff said long time no see to me because I am their regular customer. Happy that they remembered me and provided good services to me. I think also because I am a good customer, who always have a smile on my face and very friendly.
Fashionably yours was the last person to leave the office today after clearing my work. My BIG BIG BOSS (EVP) and I were the last 2 persons working in the office today. We had friendly chat with each other. It was nice chatting with him this way. He left the office before me, so I was the last person to leave office.
All in all, a GREAT FRIDAY and a GOOD FIRST DAY OF WORK FOR YEAR 2009 for fashionably yours. A GOOD start to my career because today I pinpointed things at work and call the voice carry power & weight, so don't play play. I feel a sense of accomplishments. I also want to thank big for being my motivator. I pity his ear because I grumbled to him frequently, but he always encourage and support me.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone :) Good night and sweet dreams.

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