Thursday, January 8, 2009

Interesting Conversation with my buddies

Was chilling out with Yuan-san, Seng-san and Lemon-san over drinks during lunch time just now. We had very interesting conversation.

Our interesting conversation :
Yuan-san : That girl is wearing a white skirt and can see her underwear shape
Seng-san : She purposely wears that for people like you to see.
Me : Today is Thursday. Maybe she is going somewhere hot tonight, so wear like that.
Seng-san : Yeah, sorry you can only see but cannot touch.
Me : Make your saliva drop. Sorry I also cannot help you. You must go to the washroom to DIY.

All of us laughed at Yuan-san. We really can yak and yak and yak anything under the sun. We are just so dirty minded and talk dirty. We are like that. We can sit at the coffee joint to crap and talk dirty. I am the rose among the thorns......we are comfortable with each other and able to talk dirty together. It is all fun and no hard feelings. Well kinda of distress us too from our so so so so stressful job.

Yuan-san, I need a blow job now.......I'm coming...........

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