Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Interesting Conversation of the day

So funny in the office today. Lots of laughters. Here goes our conversation :

Me : Do you have something easy to put on ?
Seng-san : Wait, let me find for you. Ok this one is big, easy to put on and non-slip.
Me : (LOL) Yeah, one size fits all and stretchable. Ok help me put them on. Now I need the equipment. Where did you put the equipment ?
Seng-san : Behind there, N Sunny-san cupboard. It is not lock. Just help yourself to it.
Me : OK I will go and take the equipment. How to use the equipment ?
Seng-san : You just press it here and here.
Me : OK so easy to use....how to pull ?
Yuan-san : Yeah, we know you don't pull one.
Me : Quick help me please
Seng-san : Press here.
Me : OK after I pressed here.....can you pass me a pair of scissor. I need to cut it.
Yuan-san : Normally don't use scissor.
Me : Yeah I know normally is withdrawal method. Anyway I found a pair of scissor and I am going to cut it. Done

Seng-san, Yuan-san and I had so much laughters over the whole incident at work just now. All of us were so horny. OMG ! what happen to us....are we so stressful that we are so horny.

Easy to put on, non-slip, withdrawal method, stretchable and one size fits all. OMG ! really so stressful.

Actually, fashionably yours need a keychain to put my bunch of keys and labelled them nicely. These two men created so much fun out of it while assisting me to find a keychain. Now my bunch of keys are nicely labelled in a keychain.

Fashionably yours did crazy stuff at work today. I was so sleepy that I lie down on my company's conference room table inside the meeting room. I forgot I was wearing a mini skirt. My colleagues and I had a good laugh over it....Oh gosh, I think I am really very stressful and starts to become so horny and did crazy stuff at work.:)) So are my colleagues too. All of us are in the same boat.

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