Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Pressie from Isaac & Nice Phrases.

Received with thanks my Christmas pressie from Isaac. I like it.

Cute wrapper

It is a USB aroma radio + speaker

this is how it looks

placed it on top of my cpu

changes colour and glow in the dark

blue colour

Green colour

red colour

I poured green tea home fragrances on it with some water on the metal dish. It smells so good as I on my pc to surf the net and blogging. It can has the radio tuner and also can plug to your favourite mp3 or Ipod. So far, I only tune on the radio which is good enough for me.
On a side note, read an article which mentioned that :
Women tend to want to tell everything they know about a given situation, while men prefer to limit their responses to the core issue at hand. The average woman uses about 6,000 words daily to express her thoughts, while the average man uses only about 2,000 words a day to say what he is thinking.

I pondered on it and find it true. I speak 6 sentences while big will only reply 1 sentence to me :)) To the women reader out there, have you hit your quota of 6,000 words today ?

I am feeling very loved, blessed and blissful. Counting down, big is coming back soon.........Pray he will have a safe journey back here.

Have a nice week ahead everyone.


Billy Chua said...

The present u receive is very nice. Where to get it huh?

Classiclicious said...

Thanks Billy. I think can buy from Action City.