Friday, January 23, 2009

Chinese New Year Mood

Today most of my colleagues took leave to prepare for Chinese New Year. It is so quiet in the office. I think everybody is in Chinese New Year mood by now. It is not so crowded at the cafe and buses. As usual, fashionably yours was very busy at work and seems like never ending tasks for me. Lots of projects are in the pipelines, which I feel that it is good to be busy at work, especially now Singapore is in the deepest recession ever. Glad I did not spend much money nowadays, which means I am saving money for a rainy day or rather times are bad so I am tightening my belt. It is a wonderful feeling to see your bank account numbers increasing. Times are really bad, so better think thrice before spending your hard earned cash. However if you can afford to splurge, go ahead but spend wisely.

Just now I shopped at the supermarket. The lines to the cashiers were not long and not so crowded at the supermarket. It was such a breeze for me to shop at the supermarket just now. Guess now times are bad, so people are tightening their belts and not spending so much.

Fashionably yours is slowly getting into the CNY mood and atmosphere. Looking forward to meet the relatives sessions and lots of merry making with lots of eating and drinkings. Super long weekend. Don't think about work or anything unpleasant, just wanna enjoy the CNY and be happy.

Counting down......two more days to welcome the Ox-picious year.

On a side note, glad that my long time old friend, Song-san called me up to chit-chat and catch up in the evening. We had a brief catch-up. It has been a long time since we last saw and spoke to each other. Glad he is doing well. Nice to speak to him today especially it is on his birthday.

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