Thursday, January 22, 2009


I feel so naked when I lost one side of my favourite pair of earring yesterday. I realized I was only wearing one earring at work yesterday, the other side of the earring is gone. I told my colleagues to help me to search for it at work in the office but couldn't find it.

Guess what ! Just now I was sweeping the floor at home, I found my the other side of the earring. It was lying in my kitchen floor. OMG ! really have no idea how it dropped there. Anyway I am glad I found the other half of my favourite pair of earrings. Now they are pair up and together again. I am so happy.

This reminds me of something. It is like a pair of couple together, then suddenly lost the other half, then suddenly found the other half again, then they are together again. Happily ever after.

I don't know if it is Big who gave me luck or what because just now he messaged me. Shortly after I read his message, I found my the other half of the earrings. Yesterday I grumbled to him that I was so sad to lose the other half of my favourite pair of earrings....sob....sob....Today I found it. Whatever it is, I am a happy girl now.

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