Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Farewell Lunch for Martin

Today Yuan-san, Seng-san, N Sunny-san, Shawn-san and I gave a farewell lunch to our dear colleague Martin at Fish & Co. Sad to see Martin leave the company but no choice due to restructuring. Wish Martin - All the best.

The fish and chips I ordered tasted so-so, but I like the fish nugget dipped with tar tar sauce. I like the passion fruit juice too.

Foodie pictures can be view

As usual we had lots of fun and laughters together. Our interesting conversation of the day is as follows :

Yuan : This G705 Sony Ericsson handphone is a slide phone
Me : Can the rubber fit in this new slide phone of yours.
N Sunny : Slide phone don't have rubber to fit in.
Yuan : The rubber can be stretched, so can fit in.
Me : Yeah, one size fits all, very stretchable.

We laughed over our jokes......again we are so horny and talked dirty again. Guess you know the rubber we were talking about. Scroll down for answer.

We were talking about the rubber casing to protect the mobile phone......However we were so dirty minded that we were off tangent and talking about Condom in the end. *LOL*

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