Sunday, July 13, 2008

My weekend

Last Friday had lunch together with two hunks - Jon and Edwin at Cineleisure. We had Korean food at a Korean cafe. Sorry cannot remember the cafe name.

Jon's Kimchi setMy Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup Set
Edwin's beef set

I tasted some of Jon's kimichi set and find it nice and delicious, which I would like to eat should I visit the cafe again. Edwin's beef set is not bad too. I liked my Ginseng Chicken soup too except it is not so concentrated. The chicken served was of huge portion which makes me so full.

After we had our lunch, the guys returned to the office to work. I went to get my coffee fix at the Cova at Paragon. I simply love the coffee from the Cova.

Expresso from the Cova

The stirer is so nice. I had the expresso after my lunch on last Friday. It was heaven. Oh la la.......Met a nice lady at the Cova while we were waiting for our expresso, so we chatted. She visited her hair stylist from Hair Action and told me it has good services. Has anyone been to cut hair or for any hair treatment from Hair Action at the Paragon ? If yes, please leave comments and feedback for me. Thanks. After I bought my expresso, went back to the office to work.

After I knocked off from work last Friday, went to indulge in my favourite activity which is pedicure session. This time I had my toes painted in a shade of bright red from OPI. I love it.

While I was having my pedicure session, I had another round of coffee fix - Ice Latte from StarbucksI think I have overdose of caffeine last Friday. I am actually more of a tea person but at times I crave for coffee fix too......

After I am done with my pedicure session, it was time for my grocery shoppings at the Market Place at the Paragon. While I was at the Paragon last Friday evening, they have some Omega Private Event at the atrium. Saw lots of celebrities, such as Kym Ng, Elvin Ng and Dr Georgia Lee at the event. Most of the guests are dressed to the nines at the event.

OMG ! I miss attending these private events......recently my social front has been so quiet compared to a few months ago whereby I have so many private events to attend. I think I will wear my new Vera Wang dress to the next Private Event with either my Segio Rossi or Ferragamo shoes......I still have another new sexy long dress which I think I can wear to some smart casual events....

Well, my Saturday and Sunday was wonderful too. I ate lots of my favourite foodie which I love....

Bought a jar of No.1 Danish Jam which is prepared without boiling to preserve freshness, consistency and natural fruit taste. It has lower sugar content and less gelatine than traditional spreads. It also contains large content of whole first class berries and fruit pieces. Highly recommended to my weblogders to try it out. It tasted so fine when spread it on bread. There are fresh fruits in the jam too....yummy.

Of course not forgetting to eat my favourite Hershey cookies 'n' chocolate bar. Yum yum yum yummy so yummy.......

Ate grapes Below are pictures of what I indulged on a hot sunny Saturday afternoon tea

On Sunday afternoon tea I had the followings :

Chicken soup for the soul

With some black peppercorns

with my favourite Lipton White Tea

and munching my favourite sours unbearables gummy

It is nice to end the weekend with wine and strawberries. Cheers :)

Have a nice week ahead, everyone.

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