Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

The other day was chatting with my colleagues in the office.

Our interesting conversation :
JT : It is Friday again.
Me : Yeah I love Friday
TS : I don't like Friday because still must work on Friday.
Me : I love Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
JT : I like Saturday but Sunday seems to past so fast. Then it will be Monday again and must report to work.
TS : I like Saturday and Sunday
Me : Then let's make time stop on Saturday
TS : Better change the calendar to 3 Saturday, 3 Sunday and 1 Friday. Work 1 day only and rest 6 days.
Me : That will be nice and the ideal calendar is Friday again today..........Hurray ! the weekend is here...........looking forward to the is here now.............hahahaha.........


Billy Chua said...

That's is what I like about Friday, after a day work, can go out and play.

How I wish everyday is TGIF...

Classiclicious said...

Yes, change the calendar to 3 Saturdays, 3 Sundays and 1 Friday in a week. Everyday is TGIF.

Cheers :)