Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wonderful Friday with drinks, wine and dine

Had a wonderful Friday with good companies. The fun started early from noon. After we had our lunch, Lemon-san, Jon-san and yours truly headed to Spinelli@Heeren for a drink and chit chat anything under the sun. Lemon-san ordered the Fruity-twist, Jon-san ordered the Strawberry-twist and I drank the decaffenated coffee. It was a cooling day to chill out in alfresco style.

After we finished our drinks, we shopped at HMV before we returned to the office.

Work was very busy for me and have some minor crisis but yours truly can handle them with God's grace. Time passes so fast and soon it was happy hour, so knocked off from work to head out to meet up with bestie for a night of fun and lots of laughters in town.

We went shoppings before proceed for our fine dining at Royal Coppenhagen Tea Lounge. The staff there knew us by now since Eva-san and yours truly are regular there.....we frequent the place so often. We love fine dining. It is our favourite restaurant. The food are of high quality and freshly served. The services are excellent. When we were there, I saw a few familiar faces which I saw at some high society events I attended. Most of the diners are dressed to the nine, some men wear coats/jackets suit and most ladies are carrying high end branded bags and impeccably dressed. It is very me to dine there......I just love to dine there and to meet up with friends there to chit chat over a fine pot of tea. What a great night on town on a Friday night.

Click here for the yummy foodie pictures.

I have a wonderful Friday wtih good companies, lots of fun and laughters.

I am drinking my red wine now while blogging. OMG ! I almost finished half the bottle of red wine without realizing it............just enjoy drinking the wine and keep pouring to sip.

Life is beautiufl indeed. Live for the moment and enjoy !

Wish everyone have a nice and wonderful weekend.

Cheers :)

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