Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wine, Olive Oil and Sushi

Last evening after I knocked off from work, went to the Market Place at the Paragon to do my grocery shoppings. While I was at the Paragon, there was a private event for Shu Uemura. Saw lots of invited guests mingling around sipping champagne.

Thereafter I proceeded to the Market Place....I just simply love to shop at the Market Place because yours truly like the ambience there.

Was at the wine sectionBought a bottle of Red Wine

Bought a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to dip my bread and salad

I also bought some sushi. Sorry no pictures because yours truly was busy eating sushi and forgot about taking pictures.

It is the midweek today.......which means the weekend is near. That's all for now. Yours truly need her beauty sleep now.


Billy Chua said...

Wow wine and olive oil, truly fine living...

Classiclicious said...

Yes I appreciate the finer things in life. Enjoying and living the high life.
Cheers :)