Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My wonderful Monday

Just eating the simple Jollybean Bean Curd can make me feel so happy

My New hairdo, New look, New style. Very CHIC. Just want something New and different
Went to have a wash, cut and blow hair on Monday Evening.

Actually it was so coincident that Eva and I feel like spending some time at the salon to fix our hair on Monday. Think it is telepathy. We met at the salon on Monday evening after each of us make appointment with our hairstylist separately without informing each other earlier on.

After we were done with our hair, we had some fun at an Optical shop. Eva finally settled for a pair of trendy and very 'celebrity-look' pair of spectacle which I helped to choose for her. It is an expensive pair. Most of the things I liked are expensive but they are mostly good quality and good stuff.

On a side note, I find myself frequent the hair salon and nail spa frequently. Think I need to visit the spa for a good massage and facial for relaxation. Lifestyle of a 貴婦, tai-tai, princess & shopping queen indeed.

Alrighty, time for my beauty sleep. Good night everyone and sweet dreams.

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