Saturday, July 5, 2008

Enjoying my afternoon fine tea

In the afternoon I had bread dipped in olive oil, strawberries and tea for my afternoon tea time. It is no ordinary tea but tea from Dammann Freres. It is one of the exquisite tea that I have drunk so far. The tea bags, made of nylon, which are packaged individually. The material, close to silk, permits to obtain an infusion with all the same qualities appreciated in loose tea.

Thanks to Lemon-san for giving me this exquisite tea. I am wondering does The Market Place at The Paragon sell this exquisite tea. Did a google search and found the
homepage. It is retailing at 8 pounds for 24 indiviually wrapped tea bag. Any kind soul, if you do know where in Singapore are retailing this Dammann Freres tea, please let me know. Thanks.

here for the pictures of this exquisite Damman Freres tea which I am drinking and enjoying now.

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