Monday, July 14, 2008

Lovely Monday

Took the whole day off today to run errands. Very productive and very satisfied because mission completed.

Was chilling out at Holland Village this afternoon after my mission was done in the morning. It was a quiet afternoon at Holland Village compared to the crowds at night.

I met my friend Deena at Holland V this afternoon. She said I look so beautiful and very vogue. (As if I just walked out from a magazine cover). I am flattered to receive such good comments from her, the professional make up artiste, judging my make up. She said my make up is flawless.......OMG ! I am so happy and thanks Deena, you make my day :) I will keep on practice to perfect my makeup skills.

I also went for my grocery shoppings at the Cold Storage, bought some Carlsberg beer to stock up as usual. I love my beer, though trying to cut down before my beer belly develops. If beer belly develops, can join belly dancing class. Talking about belly dancing, I was thinking of taking up belly dancing, anybody out there can recommend me a good place to learn belly dancing. Thanks.

Oooppsss.....I bought a sexy and nice sun dress from my favourite friend's shop just now......she is like a friend to me because she always recommend and give me good stuff.....I like the dress very much. Actually just want to drop by to say hello and then saw the last piece of sun dress in my pink colour.....which is mine and meant for me because last piece and is new arrival......Thanks my dear friend :)

The benefits of hanging around Holland V and makes lots of good friends from the shops. Initially they are just shop owners, then as I always buy things from them and we become friends, so they will give me good stuff whenever I dropped by.

I love Holland V. A cool, hip and chic place. Feel nice to stay in the area. I think I am a regular at Holland V since I stayed around the area.......if you happen to see me chilling in Holland V, don't be shy to come up to me to say Hi to me.

Just now called the office and spoke to Billy as I have some issues on my password. I am on leave and still checking email......hahahaa.....the workahaolic in me. On a side note, Gerald also said that I am on leave today yet still checking email...... Thanks Billy for solving my password problem.......Happen to know from Billy that both Lemon-san and Jon-san are also on leave and not in the office today. OMG ! so many of us sitting in the same cubicle area in the office are on leave today. Must be very quiet and empty around our cubicle area today........Didn't know all of us are taking leave is just so coincidental.......

So how was everybody's Monday ? Hope it is a nice one though some might have Monday blues but Tuesday is coming and soon the midweek and soon is the weekend.......Alrighty, have an enjoyable Monday evening.

Yours truly indeed have an enjoyable Monday...........going for some wine shortly for a lovely Monday everning.

Cheers :)

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