Saturday, July 19, 2008

Night Festival at the National Museum - 18 July 2008

Met Eva-san after I knocked off from work last evening at Plaza Singapura. We ate at Long John Silver for dinner. I had the grilled fish set while Eva-san had the fried fish set. When we were done with our dinner, we dropped by to say Hi to Issac at his working place. It was nice to see him and he was busy attending to customer. Thus we just had some brief exchage. Thanks Issac for your comments about my blog. Feel free to come by again and thanks for your support.


Eva-san and I just shopped around the mall for a while before it is time for us to proceed to attend the Night Festival at the National Museum. I bought a Face Shop's nail polish in red colour at the mall. Will model it after I applied it.

The night festival at the National Museum was marvelous. It was so overwhelming response and so many people turned up for the first night festival.

The National Museum of Singapore's first-ever Night Festival is set to dazzle with two weekends of spectacular theatrical performances, music, open air cinema and fun interactive activities. The Museum's outdoor premises and the Singapore Management University Campus Green will be transformed into a surreal and magical playground.

The Night Festival opens with the internationally acclaimed Studio Festi from Italy. Known for their extraordinary staging of large-scale outdoor performances. Studio Festi will enthral with The Dancing Sky, a site-specific masterpiece, which features aerial performaers. Studio Festi has performed for the opening ceremony of the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics as well as the recent celebrations in Macau during the 100-day countdown to the Beijing Olympics.

Studio Festi is authored by Monica Maimone and Valerio Festi. Visit them here

After so much dancing in the sky performances, there was also a spectacular Light, Water and Fire performances at the Singapore Management University Campus Green. I would say the SMU campus green spot can get a good view for most of the performances. There was slight drizzling last night while watching the Light, Water and Fire performances, but most of us were so mesmerized by the performance that we don't mind watching it in the drizzling rain. Indeed water performance, since there was drizzle and we have the shower of blessings.

Dancing in water is my favourite performance. She dances so gracefully in the water and I like the nice music.

Eva-san and I enjoyed ourselves at the Night Festival. The perfornances are fantastic. Indeed this is a performance not to be missed. Glad that we witnessed the first-ever Night Festival last night and it was the launching of the Night Festival. We are part of it in history and we can share with our next generations.

For more infomation, logon to here for details.

Watch Videos at the following links :

Night Festival - 18 July 2008 - Video 1

Night Festival - 18 July 2008 - Video 2

Night Festival - 18 July 2008 - Video 3

Night Festival - 18 July 2008 - Video 4

Night Festival - 18July 2008 - Video 5

Night Festival - 18July 2008 - Video 6

For photos, click here


Eva said...

Heya Joanne, I think you should remove all your lyrics for the music video. Because I mistook that for the latest update. That's why I thought that you never update your blog... until I realize that all your latest articles are underneath!

Billy Chua said...

Hey I went just this evening. The performance was great. Very nice.

Classiclicious said...

Hi Eva
Ha....thanks for dropping by. New discovery. The lyrics are not for the music video. I am looking for translations.

Hi Billy
Good you enjoyed the performance. I enjoyed myself too on the first night:)