Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bad Cough and durians

Yours truly started coughing since Monday and the cough gets worse last night. I couldn't sleep and was coughing all through the night. Threw in the towel this morning and went to see my company doctor.

Interesting conversation (extract) between the doctor and I :
Me : I sweared I did not eat any durians but I still l get the cough.
Dr : You have some mild virul infections and so the has nothing to do with durians

Initially last night I thought of buying some durians to eat after dinner.....Luckily I didn't buy any otherwise I willl be coughing more seriously than now. Then I was shoved home by my company doctor and to take my medicine.....terrible I want to be well again and to be out and about....I hate to stay at home.......however the weather is so cooling today after the rain, so it makes a nice and cooling day to snuggle under the duvet.......maybe it is a blessings in disguise....God's will for me to rest at home today under such nice and cooling weather ......Thank you Lord.

Excuse me while I snuggle under my duvet and have my beauty sleep now while most of you are working hard in the office at this hour. I will be glad to spread this virul cough to you if you want to join me to snuggle under the duvet under such nice and cooling weather. According to the weather forecast the next few days' weather is gonna be this cool.......Think about it.

On a side note, I think daddy spread the cough virul to me because daddy has been coughing badly the last few days. Now daddy's cough is much better and I got it. Spreading of the good news cough virus.

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