Monday, July 7, 2008


Well, I am back now to blog after so much Sex on a Sunday.

I was watching so much Sex And The City (SATC) and can never get enough of it....I like the TV series and the movie.....SATC has been my favourite TV series all the while. Enjoyed the show.

Some of my favourite phrases from SATC the movie :
1. Samantha : I can't colour enough. I can colour all day, everyday..........
2. Carrie : You love to colour.
3. Miranda : It's all so hot. 3 days in.
4. Carrie : Wow ! You two could rule the world.
5. Carrie : It's perfect. You and Me.
6. Samantha : Distance ? You are still in me.
7. Samantha : What's the point of having a hot guy next door, when you can't have sex with him.
8. Samantha : Relationships are always about happy.
9. Mr Big love letter email - I know I screwed it up - but I will love you forever. (this reminds me of my ex)
10. Miranda : You 2 are crazy to get married. Marriage ruin everything.
11. Mr Big : Is this something we want to do ?
12. Carrie : Charlotte has pudding in her Prada.
13. This man got carried away (can't remember who said this though).
14. Carrie : To Samantha, 50 years and fabulous
15. Carrie : To us, to the next 50.

I like the 4 girlfriends' friendship in the show. Glad I do have great girlfriends and I thank God for the friendships with my girlfriends. Girlfriends are the best. They gave me good advices and suggestions......Of course I also thank God for letting me know lots of nice girlfriends via blogging who also gave me good advices, suggestions, encouragement and support. Thank you.

The fashion in the show do take my breathe away but not so extreme, because yours truly also have those big fashion labels in my wardrobe......I can tell the labels from their fashion especially the shoes......I like their shoe collections in the show, especially Manolo Blahnik. I like the Birkin bag carried by Charlotte.

The fashion show they attended reminded me of the fashion show I attended during the Singapore Fashion Festival a few months ago. I love attending fashion shows.......OMG ! it is bringing memories back of my good old days when I used to sashay on the runway doing fashion show.

So fantastic is my Sunday with so much sex and is making me feeling so horny. I had my favourite foodie too......Here goes :

Cheers and have a fabulous week ahead !

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