Monday, May 24, 2010

Sex Addiction

Some updates on my last post on sex addiction.  Dr Patrick Carnes found that sex addicts do not perceive themselves as worthwhile persons and that they believe sex is their most important need.  According to Dr Carnes, there are various levels of sex addiction. 

Level One behaviours are those that are regarded as normal, acceptable and tolerable, and these include masturbation, pornography, prostitution and anonymous sex.

Level Two behaviours are clearly victimising and usually prohibited by law, such as flashing, vulgar phone calls and indecent liberties.

Level Three behaviours are those that carry grave consequences for the victims and legal consequences for the addict.  These include incest, molextation or rape. 

Is sex addict a disease or just an excuse or obsessive compulsive disorder. 

Signs of Sex Addiction
1. Failure to resist impulse
2. More time spent on the behaviour
3. Time spent in activity increases
4. Preoccupation with preparation to carry out this behaviour
5. Unable to fulfill other obligations due to behaviour
6. Continuing despite problems in other areas of life
7. Has to increase the intensity or frequency of activities to achieve the same desired effect
8. Giving up or limiting some other activities ofr sexual activity
9. Distress, anxiety, restlessness or irritability if unable to engage in the behaviour.

Perhaps seeking treatment at a rehabilitation centre and a psychiatrists may be able to treat the underlying causes of the compulsion. 

Source : The Singapore Women's Weekly - April 2010 issue


Robyn C. Allgeyer said...

Thank you for your post helping to educate others on the devastating affects of Sex Addiction. An excellent resource for wives/partners of sex addicts is the book YOUR SEXUALLY ADDICTED SPOUSE: How Partners Can Cope and Heal (New Horizon Press, Sept. 2009). Based on co-author Barbara Steffens, PhD, LPCC, research that shows 75% of women are dealing with PTSD upon discloser of their husband/partner's addiction, the book offers excellent resources and help for healing from the trauma. The book (and other resources) are available at Dr. Steffens website, and on Amazon. Thank you, Robyn

Classiclicious said...

Hi Robyn
Thanks for the messages and thanks for visiting my blog.

See you around. Cheers :)

Becky said...

Wow thanks for the great book resource Robyn I will have to check it out. There is another great book titled, "Erotic Intelligence" written by Alexandra Katehakis that I would also recommend.

I found this book to be truly groundbreaking – it is the first book to address how to integrate sex after a person becomes “sober” from compulsive " sexual behaviors.