Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sex Addiction

Is Sex addiction a disease ?  How much sex is too much to consider as sex addiction ? How much sex is an obsession or needed to gain a certain high ?   Is our society so stressful nowadays that alot of addiction sickness are created ?  There are alcoholic, shopaholic, gamer addiction, gambling addiction and many more. 

According to Dr Patrick Carnes, Sexual Addiction,  like drugs, alcohol or gambling, people can become addicted to sex and the addiction ranges from internet sex to obsessive masturbation and of course, affairs after affairs.

Some people are always thinking about porn and masturbation. Fashionably yours knew some people who will have to watch porn every day without fail and is part of their lifestyle.   Dr Carnes says that sexual addiction can also be characterized by 3 things : a difficulty in stopping and staying stopped, harmful consequences and preoccupation or obsession. 

How much is too much ?
Sex addiction is an uncontrollable obsession with sex.  Those suffering from it may masturbate compulsively, have a large appetite for porn, scour internet chatrooms for sex or have accumulated a huge number of sex partners over the years.

Are you addicted ?
Do you think about sex or porn all day ?  Are your thoughts jeopardizing your work, relationships or family ?  Do you feel ashamed or guilty after sex ?  Have you tried to stop but failed with every attempt ?

What are the dangers ?
Sexual obsessions can have devastating health consequences such as contracting sexually transmitted diseases.  It will also cause damage to relationship and marraiges.

For more questions to help determine if you have a sex addiction, check out Dr Patrick Carnes's online questionnaire   here

Seek counselling early if you think you are sex addicted.  No more excuses and all is in the mind.

Credits to LifeStyle Magazine, May 2010 issue.

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