Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Retail Therapy and loving my birkenstocks

The horrible weather is so hot and humid of late.  Finally it is raining now but seems too late for fashionably yours to take a short nap because is evening now.  Updating some of my last week retail therapy.  Actually just bought what I need to use.  The Body Shop has a 30% discounts for their Star Loyalty Customers so I went to stock up my stuff.  I always wait till their 30% discounts promotions, then I shop there unless I need the items urgently. 

My loot from The Body Shop
My FREE Gift worth about SGD64 (for customers who spent above SGD100)

Bought Bazaar Magazine - June 2010 issue from Books Kinokuniya

My FREE Gift - Stage Liptstick worth SGD25
Hurry ! Your can go grab your copy and redeem the free gift
They have various lipstick colours, so depends on your luck and their stocks

I really love to wear my 2 pair of birkenstocks which I bought a few years ago.  They are so comfy. Have been wearing them recently. How I wish I can wear them to work everyday.  Only can wear it on dress down Friday.  What is your most comfort pair of shoe. ?  Feel free to share with me.

Me modeling my 1st pair of birkenstock

Me modelling my 2nd pair of birkenstock

That's all the updates for now.  Hope the weather is cooler with this rain as night fall.

Wanna chillax the rest of this weekend before the week begins. Have a great week ahead everyone *hugs*

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