Saturday, April 3, 2010


It is a rainy Saturday and fashionably yours is so loving this nice and cooling weather.  Nicer to sleep in this type of weather.  Just now I had a yummy cream of mushroom soup.  Such comfy food for a rainy day.

Yummy Cream of mushroom soup
from Marks and Spencer
Ma ma mia
Yesterday I had my favourite soya beancurd

Have been on a movie maranthon recently. Watching one movies after another.  Yesterday I watched Aladin. So funny and I laughed alot.  Rubbed the lamp, genie appeared and can grant you 3 wishes.  If the genie appeared infront of you, what 3 wishes will you wish for ?

Today I watched Eden.  A show about relationship between a married couple who have been married for 10 years.  Getting into a relationship is easier than maintaining the sparks in the relationship.  It needs lots of efforts from both parties.  Lots of communication, understanding and trust are important ingredients in a relationship. 

Sometimes watching movies can get one thinking out loud.  Besides entertaining, it is good the movies can let one reflects about life.  Or maybe it is just me who like to analyse things and see things beyond the surface. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter *hugs*

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